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High-performance soundbar with Bluetooth technology and powerful bass.
Your high-definition, flat-panel TV displays video beautifully and flawlessly. But ask yourself this: How does it sound? Unfortunately, the speakers in these TVs are small, and don’t match up to their brilliant video. The JBL Cinema SB200 gives you superlative JBL sound that is heard in movie theaters throughout the world – without compromising space and style. It’s a soundbar that features dual 3-1/2-inch (89-millimeter) premium cone woofers, two 1-inch (25-millimeter) dome tweeters, a built-in, 120-watt amplifier and HARMAN Display Surround, which provide listeners with a 3D listening experience from only two channels. The system also plays digital tunes with integrated Bluetooth® technology; simply connect your iPhone, iPad, smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, laptop or personal computer, and start streaming. Designed to complement flat-panel TVs that are 32 inches (812 millimeters) and larger the JBL Cinema SB200 is ready to make your TV sound as good as it looks with outstanding bass and beautiful sound.

Unit of sale:
Model Number: SB200/230
Finish: Black


My SB 200 does not switch itself ON automatically, even if it is mentioned in the owner's manual that it should do so after going into auto-standby after 10 minutes. I use the optical digital input.
The automatic switch-on option works with the analog input only, not with the optical input, although this is stated in the owner's manual. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Please note that if you switch off the SB 200 manually, you must switch it on again manually.
I have problems with dropouts in sound when streaming Bluetooth music from my smartphone or tablet.
Please note that if you have a large number of Apps open, this may block or overtax the processor in your music player. Try to close all or most active apps. This should solve the problem.
What wireless range can I expect from my Bluetooth speaker?
Reception of Bluetooth can be heavily influenced by surrounding environment. If your product offers stable streaming performance when phone and speaker are in the same room, with no large objects blocking the line of sight, then your product is performing as specified.
When I am trying to program my Cinema SB100, 200 or 400 to learn the volume up, down and the mute codes from my TV remote controller, I can only get mute, or perhaps mute and a volume code, to work correctly. What is wrong?
This problem is usually caused by pressing down too hard on the soundbar's VOL + or VOL - Buttons. Only press just enough for one click to be felt. If a second click is felt in the button, you are pressing too hard, and you are actually activating the MUTE function for learning, not VOL up or down. You may have to repeatedly let go of the VOL button on the soundbar, followed by pressing it again and then pressing the VOL button on the TV remote before the surround light on the soundbar lights up white and goes back to amber flashing, as a sign that this function has been learned. This is no problem, though. Just keep trying until the three commands have been learned. The soundbar only exits learning mode when you press and hold the surround button as the final step.


Satellite Speaker Features
Center Speaker Features
Subwoofer Features
Amplifier Power (RMS)60 watts peak per channel
Power Requirement (del)100V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 60W

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